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2020 Aurora Cup - Player Results


Leon Li


Opponent - Click name for available resultsUSATT #RatingFormatEventScores
Rachel Wang966332073RRUnder 2300 RR5,8,8
Jerry Lou2016021968RR40 and Over RR11,6,8
Zbigniew Sobolak2229781693RR40 and Over RR7,7,8
Yokutkhon Metinova2149431996RRUnder 2200 RR8,10,7
Shaikh Ali2214211769RRUnder 2200 RR7,7,-10,8
Sam Oluoch Imbo553711957RR50 and Over RR-9,3,7,6
Eric Flanders11694730RR50 and Over RR1,2,6
Janusz Franeczek261852142SE40 and Over SE-3rd/4th-8,8,8,3
Aniruddha Damle2214262119SEUnder 2200 SE-Prelims7,8,-9,5
Kevin Nabity879701941SE50 and Over SE-3rd/4th9,-4,4,-7,3


Opponent - Click name for available resultsUSATT #RatingFormatEventScores
Viktor Bedriichuk910962208SEUnder 2300 SE-Prelims8,8,8
Isiaka Wahab2236102428SE40 and Over SE-Semis8,8,8
Anish Shankar2230692251SEUnder 2200 SE-Quarters5,-11,-7,9,6
David Roberts556042124SE50 and Over SE-Semis-5,1,8,10