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2013 Butterfly MDTTC August Open - Event Draws and Results

Event - Click for available draws and resultsFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceThird/Fourth Place
Open Singles RRBo Wen ChenQingliang WangHarold Baring3rd-Heather Wang
Under 2400 RRNathan HsuRaghu R. NadmichettuLarry Abass3rd-Sutanit Tangyingyong
Under 2250 RRNazruddin AsgaraliQiming ChenD.J. Settle3rd-Spencer Ip
Under 2050 RRJulian WatersSpencer IpShay Sinha3rd-Vedprakash Dookhun
Under 1900 RRAnthony LewisWesley DuanPatrick Kin Lue Lui3rd-Jozef Simkovic
Under 1650 RRChongbright (leon) BiHal BarnesHenry Wung3rd-Si Cheong
Under 1400 RRChanakya AnneBenjamin KangBowen Zhang3rd-Henry Wung
Under 1150 RRMichael LiSameer ShaikhStephen Yeonas3rd-Telon Yan
Age U-12Ryan DabbsBowen ZhangBenjamin Kang3rd-Max Labell