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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


U-4500 Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/19/2019 @ 3:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Edward Ly2570 / 2570Teamed With Kenny Ly
Ye Tian2561 / 2579Teamed With Bosman Botha
Wenting Zha2508 / 2508Teamed With Michael Levin
Bruno Ventura Dos Anj2506 / 2509Teamed With Jeff Quan
Udaya Ranasingha2472 / 2462Teamed With Ryan Lin
Shuai (sean) Wang2411 / 2441Teamed With Kevin Lu
Chu Xia2395 / 2395Teamed With Cody Wang
Raul Caballero Monte2317 / 2317Teamed With Edina Haracic
Austin Clemens2312 / 2280Teamed With Kelly Zhao
Bin Hai Chu2309 / 2309Teamed With Kenneth Pinili
Daniel R. Seemiller Jr2305 / 2323Teamed With Robert H. Mayer
Luc Sicard2303 / 2303Teamed With Carl-Eric Lafleur
Ravi Ganapathy2301 / 2320Teamed With Vinay Chandra
Chase Bockoven2273 / 2273Teamed With Keenan Southall
Keenan Southall2246 / 2188Teamed With Chase Bockoven
James Therriault2246 / 2270Teamed With Jian Zhuang
Evan Lai2235 / 2220Teamed With Joshua Mak
Mariana Ramirez2213 / 2213Teamed With Adina Maria Cuchirita
Viktor Bedriichuk2193 / 2258None selected
Ryan Hoarfrost2171 / 2171Teamed With Thang Lam
Vinay Chandra2168 / 2186Teamed With Ravi Ganapathy
Joshua Mak2160 / 2160Teamed With Evan Lai
Jian Zhuang2160 / 2161Teamed With James Therriault
Kelly Zhao2148 / 2147Teamed With Austin Clemens
Adina Maria Cuchirita2146 / 2146Teamed With Mariana Ramirez
Marina Leitman2144 / 2144Teamed With Igor Falchuk
James Wan2134 / 2134None selected
Kenneth Pinili2130 / 2175Teamed With Bin Hai Chu
Cole Ryberg2129 / 2129Teamed With John Stiles
Edina Haracic2126 / 2126Teamed With Raul Caballero Monte
William So2126 / 2126Teamed With Mingyu Zu
Logan Watson2120 / 2135Teamed With Martin Johnson
Carl-Eric Lafleur2101 / 2101Teamed With Luc Sicard
Robert H. Mayer2101 / 2115Teamed With Daniel R. Seemiller Jr
Isabella Xu2097 / 1910Teamed With Changbo Lu
Johnnie Emanuel Lopez2087 / 2087Teamed With Jonathan Ramos
Igor Falchuk2087 / 2029Teamed With Marina Leitman
Cody Wang2070 / 2070Teamed With Chu Xia
Changbo Lu2061 / 1969Teamed With Isabella Xu
John Stiles2055 / 2055Teamed With Cole Ryberg
Darius Fahimi2049 / 1933Teamed With Daria Fahimi
Mingyu Zu2043 / 2043Teamed With William So
Thanh Lee2041 / 2041Teamed With Song Li
Lai Nguyen2040 / 2040Teamed With Hau Lam
Hau Lam2027 / 2042Teamed With Lai Nguyen
Reid Greenspan2020 / 2020Teamed With Jared Robertson
Cory Johnson2017 / 1960Teamed With Kevin Nguyen
Kyle Drake2015 / 2015Teamed With Bruce Reiff
Jonathan Ramos1998 / 1998Teamed With Johnnie Emanuel Lopez
Alessio Tulloch1996 / 1996Teamed With Curtis Dehaney
Albert Yang1950 / 1950Teamed With Kaleb Huang
Kevin Nguyen1949 / 1900Teamed With Cory Johnson
Kevin Lu1928 / 1928Teamed With Shuai (sean) Wang
Martin Johnson1912 / 1911Teamed With Logan Watson
Michael Levin1897 / 1862Teamed With Wenting Zha
Kaleb Huang1879 / 1879Teamed With Albert Yang
Kenny Ly1822 / 1822Teamed With Edward Ly
Curtis Dehaney1799 / 1799Teamed With Alessio Tulloch
Ryan Lin1798 / 1798Teamed With Udaya Ranasingha
Vivaan Chhabra1776 / 1776Teamed With Aansh Jha
Thang Lam1758 / 1758Teamed With Ryan Hoarfrost
Daria Fahimi1725 / 1667Teamed With Darius Fahimi
Song Li1709 / 1709Teamed With Thanh Lee
Bosman Botha1702 / 1446Teamed With Ye Tian
Bruce Reiff1659 / 1658Teamed With Kyle Drake
Aansh Jha1651 / 1651Teamed With Vivaan Chhabra
Jared Robertson1150 / 1150Teamed With Reid Greenspan
Total Entries: 67