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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


55 & Over Mixed Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/19/2019 @ 2:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Daniel R. Seemiller2348 / 2356Teamed With Patty Martinez-Wasser
Bin Hai Chu2309 / 2309Teamed With Si Cheong
Martin Gohr2111 / 2111None selected
Kyle Drake2015 / 2015Teamed With Tahereh(mahin) Roufeh
David Sakai2013 / 2013Teamed With Donna Sakai
Tahereh(mahin) Roufeh1860 / 1860Teamed With Kyle Drake
Si Cheong1825 / 1825Teamed With Bin Hai Chu
Patty Martinez-Wasser1808 / 1808Teamed With Daniel R. Seemiller
Donna Sakai1618 / 1618Teamed With David Sakai
Baiming Wang1483 / 1458Teamed With Ningyan Shen
John Mcfadden1350 / 1350Teamed With Carol Klenfner
Carolyn Arwood1172 / 1172Teamed With Sam Arwood
Miki Snell903 / 903None selected
Carol Klenfner751 / 1634Teamed With John Mcfadden
Sam Arwood728 / 728Teamed With Carolyn Arwood
Ningyan Shen0 / 0Teamed With Baiming Wang
Total Entries: 16