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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


55 & Over Men's Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/19/2019 @ 12:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Daniel R. Seemiller2348 / 2356Teamed With Michael Gopin
Bin Hai Chu2309 / 2309Teamed With Jimmy Shen
James Therriault2246 / 2270Teamed With Jian Zhuang
Stephen Yeh2183 / 2183Teamed With Wai M. Wong
Jian Zhuang2160 / 2161Teamed With James Therriault
Christian Lillieroos2159 / 2159Teamed With Sebastian Defrancesco
Martin Gohr2111 / 2111Teamed With Kyle Drake
Robert H. Mayer2101 / 2115Teamed With Thang Lu
Alireza Hejazi2098 / 2098Teamed With David Sakai
Thang Lu2089 / 2089Teamed With Robert H. Mayer
Kyle Drake2015 / 2015Teamed With Martin Gohr
David Sakai2013 / 2013Teamed With Alireza Hejazi
Wai M. Wong1944 / 1929Teamed With Stephen Yeh
Jimmy Shen1866 / 1866Teamed With Bin Hai Chu
Roland Schilhab1852 / 1852Teamed With Richard James
Michael Gopin1836 / 1836Teamed With Daniel R. Seemiller
Van Savell1791 / 1535Teamed With Richard Stanley
Ross Hashemi1754 / 1754Teamed With Gary L. Whiddon
Richard James1745 / 1745Teamed With Roland Schilhab
Gary L. Whiddon1741 / 1737Teamed With Ross Hashemi
Richard Stanley1713 / 1713Teamed With Van Savell
Peter Paulus1023 / 1057None selected
Gabriel Diaz Deleon1012 / 1012Teamed With Michael Godfrey
James Charles Segrest846 / 822Teamed With Gordon Hart
Michael Godfrey761 / 771Teamed With Gabriel Diaz Deleon
Gordon Hart571 / 571Teamed With James Charles Segrest
Sebastian Defrancesco491 / 491Teamed With Christian Lillieroos
Total Entries: 27  

U-3800 Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/18/2019 @ 11:30A
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Linda Shu2246 / 2133Teamed With Jeff Quan
Stephen Yeh2183 / 2183Teamed With Joann Kim
Nemera Weyessa2134 / 2134Teamed With Sushant Nangrani
Martin Gohr2111 / 2111Teamed With Metodi Velinov
Robert H. Mayer2101 / 2115Teamed With Craig Yancey
Igor Falchuk2087 / 2029Teamed With Pedro Garces
Fernando Chang2081 / 2087Teamed With Eugene Popov
Cesar Serna2074 / 2074Teamed With Johnny Gamez
Cody Wang2070 / 2070Teamed With Jadon Yuan
Lang Deng2053 / 2053Teamed With Yan He
Shaun Sapp2048 / 2048Teamed With Kirkfred Villorente
Chase Womack2024 / 2031Teamed With Dario Leoncini
Kyle Drake2015 / 2015Teamed With Bruce Reiff
Edmund Suen2013 / 2013Teamed With Thomas Hu
Steve Varela2007 / 1990Teamed With Ed Cohen
Derek Baker1990 / 1990Teamed With Hayden Baker
Dean Schultz1977 / 1977Teamed With Landry Molimbi
Bruce Majors1972 / 1972Teamed With Dales Majors
Kevin Nguyen1949 / 1900Teamed With Gabriel Griffin
Walter (wah Tak Lam1948 / 1955Teamed With Baiming Wang
John P. Ochsner1927 / 1892Teamed With Eric Pattison
Yuyang Ying1874 / 1874Teamed With Dhruv B Sampat
Gabriel Griffin1862 / 1862Teamed With Kevin Nguyen
Roland Schilhab1852 / 1852Teamed With Richard James
Ronald Meeks1844 / 1844Teamed With Michael Gopin
Michael Gopin1836 / 1836Teamed With Ronald Meeks
Karl Eisenkoelbl1810 / 1810Teamed With Oswald Hoyos
Oswald Hoyos1792 / 1812Teamed With Karl Eisenkoelbl
Nathan Gao1791 / 1781Teamed With Jean-Marc Lee Fai
Varghese Pallathu1791 / 1791Teamed With Avinash Sampath
Van Savell1791 / 1535Teamed With Richard Stanley
Kirkfred Villorente1775 / 1682Teamed With Shaun Sapp
Saqib Baig1772 / 1778Teamed With Salman Ejaz
Pedro Garces1759 / 1726Teamed With Igor Falchuk
Ross Hashemi1754 / 1754Teamed With Gary L. Whiddon
Alann Castillo1749 / 1749Teamed With Zackery Gholston
Dhruv B Sampat1745 / 1737Teamed With Yuyang Ying
Richard James1745 / 1745Teamed With Roland Schilhab
Thomas Hu1741 / 1741Teamed With Edmund Suen
Gary L. Whiddon1741 / 1737Teamed With Ross Hashemi
Viorel Onofrei1739 / 1591Teamed With Adam Davis
Eric Pattison1731 / 1722Teamed With John P. Ochsner
Jadon Yuan1713 / 1714Teamed With Cody Wang
Richard Stanley1713 / 1713Teamed With Van Savell
Dales Majors1707 / 1707Teamed With Bruce Majors
Johnny Gamez1705 / 1705Teamed With Cesar Serna
Landry Molimbi1702 / 1706Teamed With Dean Schultz
Ed Cohen1693 / 1693Teamed With Steve Varela
Adam Davis1687 / 1776Teamed With Viorel Onofrei
Salman Ejaz1673 / 1662Teamed With Saqib Baig
Bruce Reiff1659 / 1658Teamed With Kyle Drake
Metodi Velinov1651 / 1651Teamed With Martin Gohr
Ajay Kankipati1651 / 1611Teamed With Diyan Shah
Zackery Gholston1649 / 1649Teamed With Alann Castillo
Siamak Shamouilzadeh1647 / 1467Teamed With Ehud Wieder
Eugene Popov1644 / 1655Teamed With Fernando Chang
Evelina Zhang1631 / 1631Teamed With Amy Zhang
Hayden Baker1627 / 1627Teamed With Derek Baker
Avinash Sampath1617 / 1620Teamed With Varghese Pallathu
Ehud Wieder1615 / 1526Teamed With Siamak Shamouilzadeh
Sushant Nangrani1597 / 1594Teamed With Nemera Weyessa
Craig Yancey1589 / 1589Teamed With Robert H. Mayer
Dario Leoncini1559 / 1575Teamed With Chase Womack
Jean-Marc Lee Fai1548 / 1548Teamed With Nathan Gao
Amy Zhang1528 / 1569Teamed With Evelina Zhang
Chong Pang1507 / 1507Teamed With Alina Dang
Diyan Shah1487 / 1578Teamed With Ajay Kankipati
Baiming Wang1483 / 1458Teamed With Walter (wah Tak Lam
Yan He1393 / 1393Teamed With Lang Deng
Alina Dang1306 / 1295Teamed With Chong Pang
Joann Kim941 / 941Teamed With Stephen Yeh
Yajat Sharma776 / 827Requesting Plamen Pavlov
Total Entries: 72