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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


55 & Over Men's Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/19/2019 @ 12:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Daniel R. Seemiller2348 / 2356Teamed With Michael Gopin
Bin Hai Chu2309 / 2309Teamed With Jimmy Shen
James Therriault2246 / 2270Teamed With Jian Zhuang
Stephen Yeh2183 / 2183Teamed With Wai M. Wong
Jian Zhuang2160 / 2161Teamed With James Therriault
Christian Lillieroos2159 / 2159Teamed With Sebastian Defrancesco
Martin Gohr2111 / 2111Teamed With Kyle Drake
Robert H. Mayer2101 / 2115Teamed With Thang Lu
Alireza Hejazi2098 / 2098Teamed With David Sakai
Thang Lu2089 / 2089Teamed With Robert H. Mayer
Kyle Drake2015 / 2015Teamed With Martin Gohr
David Sakai2013 / 2013Teamed With Alireza Hejazi
Wai M. Wong1944 / 1929Teamed With Stephen Yeh
Jimmy Shen1866 / 1866Teamed With Bin Hai Chu
Roland Schilhab1852 / 1852Teamed With Richard James
Michael Gopin1836 / 1836Teamed With Daniel R. Seemiller
Van Savell1791 / 1535Teamed With Richard Stanley
Ross Hashemi1754 / 1754Teamed With Gary L. Whiddon
Richard James1745 / 1745Teamed With Roland Schilhab
Gary L. Whiddon1741 / 1737Teamed With Ross Hashemi
Richard Stanley1713 / 1713Teamed With Van Savell
Peter Paulus1023 / 1057None selected
Gabriel Diaz Deleon1012 / 1012Teamed With Michael Godfrey
James Charles Segrest846 / 822Teamed With Gordon Hart
Michael Godfrey761 / 771Teamed With Gabriel Diaz Deleon
Gordon Hart571 / 571Teamed With James Charles Segrest
Sebastian Defrancesco491 / 491Teamed With Christian Lillieroos
Total Entries: 27