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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


Junior Mixed Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/19/2019 @ 2:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Tommy Xu6050 / 2379Teamed With Sophie Gauthier
David Xu6040 / 2203Teamed With Isabelle Xiong
Aditya Godhwani6030 / 2383Teamed With Tia Hsieh
Chen Ce Wang6010 / 2629Teamed With Yimiao Wang
Evan Lai6000 / 2220Teamed With Kelly Zhao
Zhigao Si2512 / 2566Teamed With Anastasia Wang
Yimiao Wang2400 / 2401Teamed With Chen Ce Wang
Tia Hsieh2330 / 2330Teamed With Aditya Godhwani
Anastasia Wang2182 / 2224Teamed With Zhigao Si
Isabelle Xiong2175 / 2175Teamed With David Xu
Kelly Zhao2148 / 2147Teamed With Evan Lai
Ruben Birriel2100 / 2100None selected
Sophie Gauthier2100 / 2100Teamed With Tommy Xu
Tian Zhang2100 / 2100None selected
Chulong Nie2100 / 2100Teamed With Mingxuan Nie
Darius Fahimi2049 / 1933None selected
Mingxuan Nie2000 / 2000Teamed With Chulong Nie
Total Entries: 17