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2019 US Open Championships - Players by Event


Men's Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/18/2019 @ 8:30A
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Daniel Gonzalez6160 / 2591Teamed With Angel Naranjo
Kai Zhang6130 / 2677Teamed With Jishan Liang
Tomoya Fujimura6120 / 2665Teamed With Hiromitsu Kasahara
Ye Tian6110 / 2579Teamed With Zhigao Si
Matthew Lehmann6100 / 2277Teamed With Edison Huang
Emil Santos6090 / 2617Teamed With Bruno Ventura Dos Anj
Edward Ly6080 / 2570Teamed With Tommy Xu
Jinbao Ma6070 / 2692Teamed With Wenzhang Tao
Jinxin Wang6050 / 2626Teamed With Bob Chen
Samson Dubina6040 / 2409Teamed With Chance Friend
Luc Sicard6030 / 2303Teamed With Carl-Eric Lafleur
Oscar A Birriel6020 / 2314Teamed With Ruben Birriel
Aditya Godhwani6010 / 2383Teamed With Xin Zhou
David Xu6000 / 2203Teamed With Matteo Martin
Taisei Matsushita5200 / 2596Teamed With Kei Eto
Sota Watanabe5200 / 2598Teamed With Yuto Sato
Evan Lai4235 / 2220Teamed With Tian Zhang
Olivier Ligny4101 / 2101Teamed With Theo Galais
Matheo Boutin4091 / 2091Teamed With Beryl Girault
Hiromitsu Kasahara2829 / 2829Teamed With Tomoya Fujimura
Wenzhang Tao2778 / 2778Teamed With Jinbao Ma
Xin Zhou2741 / 2733Teamed With Aditya Godhwani
Lei Kou2690 / 2690Teamed With Pu Zheng
Bob Chen2683 / 2683Teamed With Jinxin Wang
Jishan Liang2656 / 2674Teamed With Kai Zhang
Kei Eto2650 / 2650Teamed With Taisei Matsushita
Kentaro Miuchi2646 / 2646Teamed With Masashi Funamoto
Masashi Funamoto2600 / 2600Teamed With Kentaro Miuchi
Tianrui Zhang2594 / 2198Teamed With Zhe Wang
Pu Zheng2591 / 2585Teamed With Lei Kou
Yanjun Gao2552 / 2502Teamed With Stephen Chu
Zhigao Si2512 / 2566Teamed With Ye Tian
Chance Friend2511 / 2511Teamed With Samson Dubina
Bruno Ventura Dos Anj2506 / 2509Teamed With Emil Santos
Angel Naranjo2468 / 2468Teamed With Daniel Gonzalez
Mudit Dani2456 / 2483Teamed With Marko Medjugorac
Stephen Chu2445 / 2445Teamed With Yanjun Gao
Marko Medjugorac2444 / 2396Teamed With Mudit Dani
Guillermo Munoz2393 / 2393Teamed With Mikael Munoz
Tommy Xu2383 / 2379Teamed With Edward Ly
Joseph Cochran2382 / 2384Teamed With Daniel R. Seemiller
Daniel R. Seemiller2348 / 2356Teamed With Joseph Cochran
Raul Caballero Monte2317 / 2317None selected
Austin Clemens2312 / 2280Teamed With Norman Lehr
Ravi Ganapathy2301 / 2320Teamed With Shashin Shodhan
Shashin Shodhan2289 / 2312Teamed With Ravi Ganapathy
Edison Huang2284 / 2284Teamed With Matthew Lehmann
Zhe Wang2269 / 2269Teamed With Tianrui Zhang
Vlad Farcas2251 / 2260Teamed With Kobe Couyoumjian
Matteo Martin2247 / 2240Teamed With David Xu
Kobe Couyoumjian2224 / 2218Teamed With Vlad Farcas
Salako Oluyomi2200 / 2200Teamed With Mansour Sulaima Balbahaith
Derek Torres2197 / 2197None selected
Nicolas Alvarez Mondrag2175 / 2175Teamed With Mark Conrad
Logan Watson2120 / 2135Teamed With Martin Johnson
Mikael Munoz2113 / 2113Teamed With Guillermo Munoz
Mark Conrad2110 / 2102Teamed With Nicolas Alvarez Mondrag
Carl-Eric Lafleur2101 / 2101Teamed With Luc Sicard
Mansour Sulaima Balbahaith2100 / 2100Teamed With Salako Oluyomi
Beryl Girault2100 / 2100Teamed With Matheo Boutin
Tian Zhang2100 / 2100Teamed With Evan Lai
Ruben Birriel2100 / 2100Teamed With Oscar A Birriel
Theo Galais2100 / 2100Teamed With Olivier Ligny
Martin Johnson1912 / 1911Teamed With Logan Watson
Norman Lehr1430 / 1447Teamed With Austin Clemens
Arsalan Aslam978 / 1058None selected
Simon Berglund0 / 0None selected
Leonardo Castillo Herrer0 / 0None selected
Dario Ardeljan0 / 0None selected
Yuto Sato0 / 0Teamed With Sota Watanabe
Total Entries: 70  

Mixed Doubles
Scheduled for: 12/18/2019 @ 5:30P
Seed / Elig / Team
Doubles Partner
Kai Zhang6150 / 2677Teamed With Lily Zhang
Bruno Ventura Dos Anj6140 / 2509Teamed With Matilda Ekholm
Jishan Liang6130 / 2674Teamed With Yue Wu
Marko Medjugorac6120 / 2396Teamed With Nolwenn Fort
Ye Tian6100 / 2579Teamed With Zhen Deng
Matthew Lehmann6090 / 2277Teamed With Shuang Wang
Jinbao Ma6080 / 2692Teamed With Jiaqi Lin
Tomoya Fujimura6070 / 2665Teamed With Mayuka Taira
Xin Zhou6060 / 2733Teamed With Juan Liu
Kei Eto6050 / 2650Teamed With Kyoka Kato
Jinxin Wang6040 / 2626Teamed With Wenting Zha
Chen Ce Wang6030 / 2629Teamed With Yimiao Wang
Masashi Funamoto6010 / 2600Teamed With Chiaki Kato
David Xu6000 / 2203Teamed With Isabelle Xiong
Sota Watanabe5050 / 2598Teamed With Ayano Seike
Yuto Sato5050 / 0Teamed With Yui Sato
David Correa3174 / 1674Teamed With Chujing Zheng
Hiromitsu Kasahara2829 / 2829Teamed With Takako Nagao
Juan Liu2700 / 2700Teamed With Xin Zhou
Lei Kou2690 / 2690Teamed With Yue Li
Bob Chen2683 / 2683Teamed With Bo Wang
Kentaro Miuchi2646 / 2646Teamed With Reiko Ikegami
Taisei Matsushita2596 / 2596Teamed With Yui Odono
Pu Zheng2591 / 2585Teamed With Ruini Li
Lily Zhang2571 / 2571Teamed With Kai Zhang
Jimmy Butler2537 / 1492Teamed With Huijing Wang
Mayuka Taira2527 / 2527Teamed With Tomoya Fujimura
Jiaqi Lin2516 / 2516Teamed With Jinbao Ma
Chiaki Kato2511 / 2511Teamed With Masashi Funamoto
Wenting Zha2508 / 2508Teamed With Jinxin Wang
Huijing Wang2503 / 2503Teamed With Jimmy Butler
Takako Nagao2501 / 2501Teamed With Hiromitsu Kasahara
Reiko Ikegami2500 / 2500Teamed With Kentaro Miuchi
Kyoka Kato2495 / 2495Teamed With Kei Eto
Yue Wu2491 / 2491Teamed With Jishan Liang
Ruini Li2472 / 2495Teamed With Pu Zheng
Yui Odono2468 / 2468Teamed With Taisei Matsushita
Bo Wang2455 / 2455Teamed With Bob Chen
Ayano Seike2450 / 2450Teamed With Sota Watanabe
Yui Sato2450 / 2450Teamed With Yuto Sato
Yue Li2445 / 2461Teamed With Lei Kou
Qiao Jiao2430 / 2432Teamed With Boliang Lyu
Yimiao Wang2400 / 2401Teamed With Chen Ce Wang
Shuang Wang2392 / 2392Teamed With Matthew Lehmann
Tommy Xu2383 / 2379None selected
Zhen Deng2358 / 2358Teamed With Ye Tian
Vlad Farcas2251 / 2260Teamed With Mingyu Zu
Kobe Couyoumjian2224 / 2218Teamed With Amanda Malek
Mariana Ramirez2213 / 2213Teamed With Carl-Eric Lafleur
Derek Torres2197 / 2197None selected
Viktor Bedriichuk2193 / 2258None selected
Amanda Malek2188 / 2180Teamed With Kobe Couyoumjian
Isabelle Xiong2175 / 2175Teamed With David Xu
Mazen Sanaoubar2116 / 2116Requesting Ioulia Degtiar
Carl-Eric Lafleur2101 / 2101Teamed With Mariana Ramirez
Mansour Sulaima Balbahaith2100 / 2100None selected
Mingyu Zu2043 / 2043Teamed With Vlad Farcas
Martin Johnson1912 / 1911None selected
Toni Gresham1848 / 1848None selected
Chujing Zheng1600 / 1600Teamed With David Correa
Carolyn Arwood1172 / 1172Teamed With Sam Arwood
Sam Arwood728 / 728Teamed With Carolyn Arwood
Matilda Ekholm0 / 0Teamed With Bruno Ventura Dos Anj
Dario Ardeljan0 / 0None selected
Leonardo Castillo Herrer0 / 0None selected
Nolwenn Fort0 / 0Teamed With Marko Medjugorac
Total Entries: 66